IL Job Tax Credit Expanded

Tax Credit 2012 Expansion  Click here for direct information!

Register your business then as you hire new employees you will update the  position and receive the credit of a maximum of $2500 ($1250 each 6 months) of liability as the year progresses for each eligible job/position filled (the position can be filled by more then 1 employee it is the creation of a position, not the employee that matters)  – this is not a refund check – you will create your payroll as you always do, when IDOR sends you a tax credit certificate you will use that certificate number and deduct the amount of it against your payroll tax so that you do not have to pay it all to IDOR.  A bit complicated but if you are hiring new positions or even considering hiring in the next few years, you may want to take the time to register your business – unregistered business’s can not register later.  Feel free to contact me with questions or call  800-252-2923 for direct information!

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